Get ready to jingle those bells and feel di Christmas spirit inna di air! In the land of reggae rhythms and irie vibes, we're swapping traditional carols for a couple of Jamaican Christmas tunes that will have yuh singing and skankin' in no time.

Mek di Chris’mas Ketch Yuh in a Good Mood (Let Christmas Catch You in a Good Mood):

  1. ♫ Mek di Chris’mas ketch yuh in a good mood, mek di Chris’mas ketch yuh feeling fiiiiiine. ♫

Hands up if yuh never hear this one at Christmas time! Wi nah tek weh yuh passport since a Chris’mas. Pull up a chair, it's time to get familiar with this classic Jamaican Christmas anthem. Maestro Michael (Mikey) Bennett wrote this back in 1981. It was brought to life by the vocal stylings of Home-T (or Home T-4, for the old-school crew). This tune is a Christmas staple here, and was featured on the Joe Gibbs All-Star Christmas album, Reggae Christmas in 2007. It's a must for any respectable Jamaican Christmas playlist.

Imagine the vibes—patios lyrics, catchy beats, and a groove that'll have yuh skankin' until New Year’s Day. It captures the essence of Jamaican Christmas, bringing warmth and joy like sunshine on the sand. So, make sure this tune is on repeat while you deck the halls and roast some breadfruit over an open fire.

  1. Santa Ketch Up (Inna Mango Tree):

Jamaican people nuh tek nuttin' too serious, especially when it comes to Christmas tunes. Enter Faith D'Aguilar's masterpiece, Santa Ketch Up (Inna Mango Tree). Perhaps the lack of chimney smoke to guide his way sent Santa astray. Or, maybe, he took a likkle detour for some rum cake and sorrel—who knows?

With patoo, peenie wallie, and di loyal donkey to guide him, this humorous tale unfolds like a Christmas story yuh neva expect. As Santa emerges from di mango tree, the donkey becomes his Jamaican reindeer, and the presents get delivered with a sprinkle of island magic. It's a delightful earworm that'll have yuh bussin' a laugh and maybe even setting up some extra lights inna di mango tree in case Santa get laas again dis year.

As the music plays and sorrel flows, add a touch of Jamaican flair to your Christmas celebrations. Santa Ketch Up (Inna Mango Tree) is the perfect soundtrack for a holiday season filled with laughter, love, and a likkle Jamaican mischief.

Let's infuse some island vibes into di holiday festivities. We hope these Jamaican Christmas jams bring the warmth of the Caribbean sun and the joy of the season. So, grab your Santa hat, turn up the reggae beats, and dance your way through the most wonderful time of the year—Jamaican style!