T’was the year 2019 and the world was alright
We hugged and we kissed, not a mask was in sight
Then COVID came by and ruined all di fun
Now we have problems. Mi seh stress cya done! 

No parties, no dances, curfew every day
But Dem never stop, that’s how Jamaicans stay
Parents working and teaching children same time
Students doing lessons on tablet online 

One thing for sure now, all across this land
“Stay home. Wear masks. And please wash yuh han.”
Even now almost Christmas, we cya drop we guard
Cover yu mout and nose! Laad we eaise haad...

No family and friends to eat your Christmas dinner
No drink up, no beach lime, not even by the river
Check yuh gif list now and please check it twice
Smaddy depressed and want you to be nice 

Tis the season, we know, but COVID still a keep,
All won’t be well if virus catch you in your sleep
Let’s end 2020, gosh it was a rough year
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Walk good, yu hear?