How do you convince people who measure time as “Donkey Years”, “from Whappy kill Fillup” and “soon come” to be serious about time management? This misplaced relationship with the clock is part of Jamaica’s laid-back culture. One good reason that it is time to reject it, however, is that if makes for poor work life balance.

The delicate dance between our personal and professional lives is different for everyone. We live in different silos, with different aspirations and different dynamics. Time management, however, is at the heart of our work-life equilibrium. It is a skill that dictates our productivity and shapes the quality of our life experience. When done poorly, it brings burnout and stress, strained relationships and health issues.

Effective time management means setting clear goals and priorities for our daily or weekly schedules. We must be clear what is professional what is personal. Defining short- and long-term goals for both show what truly matters to us and our loved ones. Daily or weekly actions should always align with long-term aspirations. Consider techniques such as the Pareta Analysis (80/20 rule) to help you prioritize tasks.

Structure is key to successful time management. Time-blocking gives us focused attention and helps us allocate specific time slots to each task. This way we won’t have to manage inevitable distractions and fight procrastination. This digital era offers many tools to keep time in check. Productivity hacks like Pomodoro timers work wonders by helping us to work in short bursts to block out distractions, incorporate breaks into our schedule and manage burn out.  
Proper time management also means delegating tasks when needed and knowing when to say no. Create a reliable support system and delegate often to free up time and build a collaborative environment that benefits everyone. We should not accept more tasks to please others when we are already overloaded. Prioritizing workloads and being selective about commitments is clever time management that helps us enjoy the benefits of a balanced professional and personal life.