The holiday season brings big expectations. But we suspect this year may be different. Covid-19 restrictions could dampen our spirits unless we resist. We say let’s go for a good mood. Let's spread that Christmas cheer and not the virus this season. Here are seven tips that we believe can help: 


1. Put on Christmas Music

That’s a great way to improve our mood. Christmas songs or carols can lift our spirits high in this pandemic. Once we start singing along, we will be filled with comfort and joy. 

2. Plan a Zoom party 

No need to be blue. Let’s throw a hot Christmas party! With Apps like Houseparty, we can celebrate the season with our loved ones and friends safely at home. And we can socially distance without socially disconnecting. 

3. Binge on Christmas movies

A silly Christmas comedy can have us laughing into the night. Get out the popcorn and sorrel with a tups of white rum. We can forget this pandemic in no time.

4. Start shopping early 

'Tis the season to be proactive. New curfew hours mean we have more time to shop. But don't wait too long to buy presents. Start Christmas shopping now. We can even ask the store about curbside pickup. It's the best way to avoid crowds and reduce the risk of catching the virus. 

5. Decorate lavishly  

Since we’re going to be stuck at home most of the time this year we need that Christmas ambiance more than ever. Let’s come up with a fun theme, or find new materials to give the home a unique Xmas look and feel. 

6. Make puddings or cakes

Couldn’t think of a better year to make our own Christmas cake? We certainly have the time. Here is an online recipe to try: Puddings/cakes make the house smell like Christmas, and they are great snacks. 

7. Join online events 

These are great ways to get to know new people, from a distance. We should be brave and pick events that fall outside our comfort zone. There is safety in such settings and we’re not likely to get bored. Check our site PRIPS to find out what is happening, online or off.