These days, many couples declare their relationships online in social media. Apparently, overwhelming feelings of love pushes the more outgoing to share their romance with followers. Some show this passion by ensuring their partner appear on their Facebook or Instagram feed regularly.  They tag captions like “madly in love with @whatshisname or pic taken by bae @whatshername.”

Such displays are not solely in the name of love. Sometimes, people are looking to be an internet sensation. Others may be posting their relationship, tagging “bae”, to build their personal brand.

One aim is to attract followers who can relate to their lifestyle or preferences. Having a lot of followers on their page bring valuable benefits, even monetary ones. It certainly can jump start careers for both partners. Of course, many followers show an interest simply because a loving relationship attracts attention. For others, it’s because at least one partner is very attractive.

For those considering such public promotion of a romance, it is important you agree on what would take place and what personal details would be exposed. You certainly should determine whether the relationship is secure enough to handle the attention.  You should also decide what level of Instagram publicity is comfortable.

While you want followers to feel the authenticity of the content, remember that anything placed online is likely to be there permanently. Once posted, there is a large possibility that it may be found on other sites long after you delete the original. So be careful.

If you’re going to be posting “bae” this summer please remember to do it in a smart way. When tagging bae, tag bae loud and proud, and don’t forget the hashtag “#partnerforlife” (hopefully he or she is)!