With TikTok, you have 15 seconds to tell the joke. Luckily, Jamaicans don’t need that much time to be funny. Here are four #jamaicancomedy TikToks we’re loving!

1. “Get Back with your ex or dry up the rain”


Ol’ firestick might be easy to catch, but many would rather attempt the impossible than get back together with some of their exes. No word on what @splashdizzle’s ex did to inspire this Sisyphean effort, but it’s probably safe to say we won’t see them back together any time soon.

2. Jamaican parents and TV Remotes https://www.tiktok.com/@tomo_tv1/video/6816771265785875717

It’s a familiar trope, Jamaican parents calling their children from yonder to complete a task the parent could easily do themselves, like passing a TV remote that’s within reach. Why? None of us would dare ask. You wah dem give you something to cry for? Lucky for @tomo_tv1 (and us), his mother is in on the joke.

3. Stupid questions


The “yaa eediat?” face alone makes this one. We’ve all done it. Long story short, common sense is still not as common as we’d like it to be.

4. Dual (or quintuple) roles


Whether he’s referring to the old water prank or the more recent (not funny) one, @davianricketts plays all five roles and shows what happens when you think you and your mother 'a size. From the music choice to the boy running for his life chased by an irate mother to the little twist at the end explaining the unwise choice to prank her, this is a masterpiece.

What TikToks are you loving?