Labour Day in Jamaica began as a celebration of the social and economic achievement of workers in America. So what significance can we add by using our time off during this holiday to give back? And  and what else can you do if not inclined to waste a holiday on work? Before we discuss all the parties and exciting events on your Prips app, let’s look at some useful holiday civic activities.

Beach clean ups have become a tradition on Labour Day (May 23). The Climate Change Division and the Planning Institute of Jamaica recommend beach clean ups as a good way to counter negative climate. Some are already organized, but you can do one of your own. Jamaica banned single use plastics from 1st January 2019. Perhaps some citizen support can help our country’s beautiful beaches to become plastic free!

No doubt some people will opt for the beach or perhaps at a river, enjoying wonderful nature. Why not encourage your group to spend half an hour walking the area and collecting any trash to be binned. For several groups or younger children you can also set a challenge to see who can collect the most trash for prizes.

When offering prizes, think environmentally and creatively as possible; buy a recycled product or make one from scrap materials. Many items you find on the beach could be used to engage kids in recycled arts and crafts; keep them busy and teach them about protecting Jamaica’s environment. It’s a chance to put your findings to better use than the landfill or water bodies. Remember the goal is to prevent waste going into the ocean where sea life may ingest it, causing them and ourselves harm.  

Since Labour Day began as a movement, why not contribute to your very own environmental movement for a clean Jamaica and waste-free ocean? You can take photos and post on social media with the hashtag #saveouroceans. Share what you are doing and encourage others to do the same!

For the party people, there is a lot on offer. Enjoy Ladies Night at 100 with drinks specials. Roots & Dub and Regency both have live music. If you prefer more action and dancing, head down to Burlington Avenue for Weddy Wednesdays. You can combine dance with exercise at Keep Fit: Soca Famalay with a workout. It will help improve your fitness. Add some Yoga at Afya studios the next day; a good way to commemorate Labour Day itself by searching for inner peace and refreshing the muscles and mind. You’ll be sure to go back to work feeling relaxed and recharged!

You can check out Burrito Fridays after work at Chilitos or Cove’s Fish Fry to start the weekend with delicious food. XO ‘Extraordinary’ Fridays, Grub and Dub Fridays at the Terrace or another good staple; Fridays at the Devon can provide the entertainment afterwards. If you choose to pursue a healthy holiday, you can continue your workout raising money for charity with the KeepItAlive Kingston 5K Run on Saturday 25th, followed by a Hash Harriers Sunday.

There is more, of course. For the Labour Day holiday, head to Negril for a weekend of ‘Mayhem’ at the Adventure Park. A food and drinks inclusive affair on the Sky Deck for those with VIP passes promises to be a weekend full of fun! Ticket prices range from $6,500 - $10,000 JMD.

Whatever you choose to do for your Labour Day, ensure it is a safe and enjoyable one. But don’t forget to include some time for rest, family and friends!

See Prips for more information.