If any young Jamaican girls still doubt that they can compete in sports internationally and still get good grades, they only have to look at the Reggae Girlz for motivation. Like the Reggae Boyz in 1998, France will host the Reggae Girlz as Jamaica qualifies for FIFA Women’s World cup for the first time. This Wednesday the Girlz are playing Panama in a friendly at the National Stadium.

So, kill them with success and bury them with a smile! Get yourself ready to jump up and support! Now, you know that we do things with spice in Jamaica. That’s why Panmedia is suggesting these must-haves for patrons going to the football game.

  1. Jamaican Flag – large or small, the black, green and gold flag must be carried tall.
  2. Wear Jamaica’s colours – if you can’t find a full black, green and gold outfit, then wear something yellow.
  3. Noise makers – whistles, dutch pot covers, conch shells, drums, horns, tambourines; carry anything that can make noise.
  4. Cell phone credit – get enough credit to call your friends when Jamaica scores.
  5. Camera – must capture the moments.
  6. Ticket – don’t scale the bleachers wall without paying, cameras are everywhere
  7. Good vibes – bring positive energy and vibes to the match, and share it with fans around you.
  8. Good company – bring yuh bredren, sistren, wife, sweetheart, whoever, to share the moment.
  9. Comfortable shoes – ladies, leave the heels at home or in the car because it is a jump up and down time.
  10. Good behaviour – doan bodda cause nuh trouble in di stands!