Family Sports Day

Summer is big reason to cheer. Whether you are a busy adult, an out of school student or even unemployed you deserve to enjoy the infinite joy and lasting memories summer adventures bring. Here are five activities to make this Jamaican summer one for the books!

Pottery Class 
Experience the freedom of creating in a pottery class this summer. This ancient art celebrates imperfection, making it perfect for complete beginners to explore. The goal is not about becoming the next Picasso. It is about taking some much-needed time for yourself. Pottery lets you switch off and step away from the stresses of life, and learn a new skill.

Archery Session
We are near certain the closest many of you have come to an archery experience is through playing the popular IOS game. Though this brings its own type of fun, we challenge you to try out the real deal. Hold an actual bow and arrow while aiming at a target. The Jamaica Rifle Association offers beginner classes for those who have the urge to try out a new activity under competent instructors.

Paint and Sip
Paint and Sip is now very popular in Jamaica. One does not need to have artistic talent to experience the joys this fun activity. At a paint and sip a professional gives step-by-step instructions on how to replicate a pre-selected art piece. This makes it easy for non-artists to enjoy painting while sipping a drink. The aim is to recreate a painting, but you are free to modify your painting to your liking, which makes it even more appealing. Whether you choose an organized paint and sip or you decide to host one of your own it is a fun creative event we recommend you try this summer.

Going to the Movies
Not an original experience, of course, but we recommend it for your summer bucket list. The cinema is still a space of nostalgia and anticipation. It gives a vibe very different from streaming at home. Walking into a cinema on a summer evening with buttered popcorn is hard to replicate. Treat yourself at least once this summer to the joys of watching a show on the big movie screen.

Family Sports Day
Hosting a family event is admittedly tough. But the rewards are worth it. A family sports day is essentially a reunion kicked up a notch. You have to designate teams with specific colours and plan sports activities such as potato sack race, egg drop and maths race. This is summer fun for the whole family to enjoy, especially if they have a competitive spirit. You get to spend time with loved ones and create fond memories that could last a lifetime.