Between JPS bills and gas we know your pocket is near empty. And let’s not talk about the food in the supermarket where the prices are higher than Blue Mountain Peak.  The restaurants have jumped their prices, too, and even party prices are getting out of reach. To help you out, we are sharing some activities you can enjoy for little or no money. (Another version of this blog ran in this space a few years ago).

Go to a park/garden
Walk, run, sit, skip. Public parks are for people to use freely. These are inexpensive ways to get fit, practice mindfulness or meet friends. Emancipation park is popular with runners in Kingston. Hope Botanical Gardens is great for picnics and other outdoor events, and admission is free. Castleton Botanical Gardens in St. Mary is also free (woo) and you get even more than you bargained for with the Wag Water River flowing at its back. Harmony Beach Park in Montego Bay is 16 acres of relaxing space with a beach thrown in and a jogging trail.

Go for a swim
Many public beaches and rivers don’t require an entrance fee. Winnifred Beach in Portland is popular, as are Pleasure Cove and Mahogany Beach in Ocho Rios, Bluefields Beach Park in Westmoreland and Dead-end Beach in Montego Bay. There are also several rivers and waterfalls off the beaten track, that will turn any dreary weekend into an adventure at very little cost. Kwame Falls in Saint Mary is a natural wonder that will take your breath away.

Designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 2015, Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park is a hiker’s heaven. With easy to hard routes, there’s something for everyone to get out the house and see the beautiful island that is Jamaica. There is a small fee to enter Holywell or the national park. But that is still a cheap way to enjoy a stunning part of the island and experience what nature has to offer. Pack your own lunch and refreshments to keep the adventure inexpensive. There are also several hiking groups you can join.

Enjoy Jamaica’s Heritage
Many monuments, churches and buildings bring to life the rich history of the island. The ruins of Stewart Castle in Trelawny were built as part of a sugar plantation, fortified to protect from attack. Do some research of local heritage sites near you and head out for a day of educational fun – without spending cash.

Watch the sunset.
The most valuable thing you will on earth for free is a stunning sunset. Wherever you live in Jamaica there is some place near where you can catch a sunset. Celebrate and be grateful for the world we live in. Head somewhere with open sky and take in the worlds daily light display. The sky transitions into blues, pinks, oranges and yellow. Choose a beach or mountain sunset to end the day and prepare for the one ahead.