It could have been worse, since supermarkets have been slow to phase out plastic bags and enforcement has been lax. But the pain of the ban shows in the ugly scenes at cash out counters.  People forced to use their pockets and paper bags now seem unhappy when food shopping. And they are hungry for solutions.

Last week, a video of a man packing his groceries into a suitcase went viral on social media. 

To lend some neighborly support, we offer some suggestions for coping with the single-use plastic ban.


1. Start Dieting–  New year, new body. Buy less food and lose weight.


2. Change Address– If you live closer, you don’t have to carry your food far. 


3. Order Groceries– They have to place them in a box. That solves your problem.


4. Create a Delivery Service– Seriously. Entrepreneurs, what are you waiting for?


5. Use your head top –  Ask grandma or a market vendor to share tips on balance. 


6. Use Child Labour– Its about time we put these kids to work… Uhm, we mean get them involved in the fight against plastics. 


7. Buy in Bulk– Reduce frequency of your trips to buy food.


8. Invest in Reusable Bags– There is no science involved here. 


Do you have any other ideas you can share in comments?