The adrenalin comes in rushes. Glorious Caribbean mornings and nights packed with possibilities pump some sort of cosmic energy into everyone. A party becomes a celebration of life. Music brings moods that change the psyche forever.

Carnival is a certain kind of consciousness where freedom reigns. That's why masquerade is such an integral part. You can be whatever you want. Veteran masqueraders believe every single carnival experience stays around for life. They recall with relish roles of carnivals past and the discovery of new emotions. "Play Yourself." exhorts calypsonian the Might Shadow. But which self? Which part of your soul is desperate to escape into anonymity. It doesn't matter, really. Pick any of the dozen or so we all have waiting to exhale.

There is something for everyone at Trinidad's carnival. Last year, banker Michael McMorris of Knutsford Capital declared without a Red Stripe around that he would return solely for the good vibes he found in a particular fete. Junior Minister Phillip Paulwell responded much the same this year while entering the same fete. Grace's Douglas Orane grooves on the magic of Phase II pans and ATL's Tanya Nethersole and CitizensBank Diana Wilson have become Renegades diehards. Richard Fontaine prefers the parties. If the past two Friday evenings at the Courtleigh and at Soggae are any indication Jamaicans seem ready to liberate their senses. When carnival comes around in a few weeks, let's all exhale.