Nintendo has turned up the heat on the competition, unveiling this week the new version of its Wii console – the Wii U. The new video game is seen as a counter to increasing pressure from leading rivals. The Wii U has a tablet-like lay out with a 6.2 touchscreen that incorporates the previous controller’s functions, including the ability to control play through motion. It also has a camera, microphone and speaker. A key improvement in this console is its high definition graphics. Since it won’t be released till 2012, we may see improved specs as is often the case with gadgets that have been announced early. The Wii U can mirror the game playing on the main screen or the game can be played fully on controller’s personal screen, if needs be. Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata says Wii U the experience will be “…deeper and wider. You will see games in a different way.” Gaming experts are giving the Wii U great reviews , and they anticipate that if the console is sold for less than US$300 it will do well in the market. Nintendo also announced a software update for its 3DS hand-held game that allows consumers to purchase certain new and classic games remastered for 3-D directly from its eShop download service. New 3DS games include Super Mario, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Mario Kart and Kid Icarus: Uprising. This is really good news for gamers as we will probably see much more creativity and innovation from Nintendo’s competitors such as Sony with its Play Station and Microsoft with its Xbox. So game lovers, brace yourselves for an active and fun 2012 in this industry.