What are the holidays without that sumptuous Christmas dinner and family and friends visiting? Well, this year we will find out.  Covid-19 restrictions will change how we share our meal and how we gather. It will be a moveable feast, and we will have to adjust many of our traditions. But there is no need to sacrifice your sorrel and fruitcake! Here’s how you can celebrate this delicious season with the least discomfort! Bon appetit!

Dine Early
It’s best to have your Christmas dinner without the usual fanfare. That Christmas tradition of waiting long hours for food can’t work this year. The sooner the celebration starts, the better! And it gives everyone time to beat the curfew and get back to their yard.

Dine Virtually
With all the travel restrictions and stay at home warnings from health experts it’s best we connect with family and friends online this year. In any case, those who fall into high-risk groups cannot physically meet with others. Zoom gatherings may be the best way to bring joy to the world. The good news: you get to decide when to start and stop the party.

Dine Safe
Keep the dinner parties small this year. Don’t get caught up in the Christmas festivities and forget to play it safe. When you do go out, please wear a mask, and practice social distancing. Also, remember to wash your hands; give joy, not germs, this season.

Donate Dinner
It’s been a challenging year for many, and not everyone will have a warm meal this Christmas. Spread holiday cheer by donating to the less fortunate. Local charities such as Food for the Poor will graciously accept canned food. It’s a great way to share that Christmas warmth.