After long vacations or breaks, parents often find it hard to get their children back into the school routine. Many students experience sleep issues, can’t finish homework, or can’t focus in class. Now that the pandemic has kept most students out of physical school for nearly two years, bringing them back into a routine could be daunting. Here are some ways parents can get kids back on a school schedule.
Let’s start by reintroducing appropriate sleep times. Set an early bedtime as the holidays come to a close so that kids will develop the habit of waking up early. This will make the start of school less jarring and more natural.  Limiting screen use at night, such as television, video games, and mobile phones, is a great way to encourage early sleeping. 
Parents can also encourage their children to catch up on challenging topics before school begins. Have them do some tough mathematical problems and read daily from their literature booklist just before school resumes. This will help keep their mind sharp and prepared for the school term. Get students who are reading for CSEC or CAPE to brush up or even complete the necessary SBAs or IAs before the new school year begins. That can substantially alleviate their workload for the term. 
An often-overlooked part of the preparation for a new term is sourcing necessary school supplies. This includes books, pens, texts, uniforms and accessories like pencil cases and lunch pans. After two years of being out of a school uniform children may discover it doesn’t fit. And don’t forget attention to hair preparation that meets school's guidelines.
Finally, students returning to physical school this semester must safeguard themselves. Although most of them are back in school, the coronavirus is still very much real! We beg you to make sure your child is adequately masked, has their own supply of hand sanitizers, and practice social distancing. Those who are old enough should be vaccinated to lower the chance of transmission.