Dealing with 2020 was tough.  No parties or nightlife, no beach or river lime.  Covid cancelled everything.  Virtual events saved several industries and kept us entertained indoors. But it was hard to keep track or to know when they were scheduled.  Restaurants, attractions and AirBnBs changed their times of operation and policies often to comply with curfew changes.

One place, however, that kept everyone informed about events and activities in these strange times was PRIPS, a guide to Jamaica from Panmedia.

PRIPS is perhaps the best guide to Jamaica in this new normal, as it was in the old normal. The site and the mobile app are your best go-to places to find events, on or off line, to know where to get food deliveries and to see which attractions or hotels are offering sexy package deals. On PRIPS you can learn more about local heritage, fashion and art.  PRIPS also keeps you updated about curfews and protocol changes, and any information that can help you cope. 

PRIPS has extensive lists of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops that you can safely visit. If you want a good “stay-cation” check out the AirBnBs and private villas on the site. We have updated yoga studios and schedules of yoga classes to maintain your sanity in the middle of this madness. There is something for everyone on PRIPS, even if Covid-19 says otherwise!

Here’s hoping that 2021 has more virtual events and activities to keep you safe and entertained while restrictions last. PRIPS will let you know. 

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