Easter, is here and it is amazing to it see again. How well we remember that we had to enjoy it on the inside for two years. Bun and cheese was there to keep our sweet company,  but something was definitely lacking. We are social animals, and without the world outside our doors we starve psychologically! So let's ‘touch road’ this Easter because we deserve it! Our treat is to give you three places where you can have an Extra Special Easter.

On the outskirts of St. Andrews and Portland, you can find a paradise of lush, life-filled woods, magnificent landscapes, and a peaceful environment. It offers the finest kind of relaxation for the stress the pandemic has brought us.  Holywell Park is a cool setting that makes you happy to be away from our growing urban sprawl. Managed by the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust, Holywell sits in the tropical forest of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. There are winding trails where you literally walk in the clouds and enjoy the music of chirping birds. You can rent comfortable cabins at Holywell or if you go just for the day you can dine at the Blue Brews Bistro, a cute cafe with an enticing menu.

Cane River Falls with its dramatic entrance at the edge of Bull Bay is ideal stop to put some excitement into your Easter. Its waters flow from the top of the Rocky Mountains and cascades into one of the most stunning falls in eastern Jamaica. Most visitors come to swim in the ice-cold water, and it has been reported that Bob Marley went often to wash his locks. Getting there you travel through gorges sculpted by flowing streams and pass intriguing caves. Near Cane River there is a little bar area next to the waterfall where you can have a variety of refreshing drinks to top off the vibe.

If you want to breeze out in a new setting with the kids then you can find a lively vibe at the  Barcadia virtual reality gaming lounge. Barcadia is the ultimate family outing. Located centrally in Liguanea’s Northside Plaza (off Hope Road), Barcadia is to gaming what Devon House is to ice cream. Its huge variety of virtual reality games encourages escape from our gritty real world and immersion in unexpected environments.  For the sceptics, virtual games brings a whole heap of benefits. It reduces stress, inspires persistence, teaches you to be a better problem solver, improves dexterity and grey brain matter, helps you retain knowledge, focuses your engagement and lifts your spirit. Advanced technologies now make the game environments seem real so it’s an experience even the seniors might enjoy.

Have an extra special Easter and stay safe. COVID still ah keep!