2020 was one for the books. It was rough and unpredictable. The new normal hit us hard. We looked like bandits in public even with designer masks. We avoided each other like the plague and called it social distancing. Facing 2021 with a whole heap of apprehension isn’t schizophrenic. But we can do some things to prepare for what’s ahead, whether it’s rocky or smooth.

Get enough rest
Forced lockdowns helped us rest more but we need to make it a habit. 2020 taught us that slowing down is always an option and may even be necessary to avoid burnout and to choose what truly matters in these times.

Stay healthy
2020 showed us being healthy is wise and the best wealth. Exercise and proper diet help us manage anxiety and stress. Now that we know the value of yoga and meditation let’s use them to keep us centered as we enter our uncertain future.

Learn a new skill
Last year had a few tricks up its’ sleeves, but so should you. Learning is a lifelong process. Now is a good time to take an online course to sharpen the mind and improve finances. We may even discover a new skill to switch careers or an intense passion for something we never considered.

Reach out (safely)
Humans are social creatures, and while we should keep 6 feet apart publicly, we can always distance but not socially disconnect.

Take time to reflect.
The New Year should always bring reflection. Take a moment to think about what lessons last year left us and what could be improved. That’s the best way to make  better and healthier choices.