More than a quarter of the Caribbean’s 41,427,004 population use the Internet, according to the Internet World Stats. And half of those 11,660,570 people, or 5,903,520, are Facebook subscribers.

With its 9.3 million people, the Dominican Republic had the most Internet users (4,116,870) and the most Facebook users (2,233,360) among all the countries in the region. With the largest Caribbean population (11,087,330) only 1,605,000 Cubans use the Internet, giving them 13.8% of the regions total.

Puerto Rico’s Internet penetration is 37.3% at 1,486,340 out of a population of 3,989,133. The big shock is that all Puerto Ricans have a Facebook account.

Jamaica’s Internet penetration is much higher at 55.1% or 1,581,100, but only 629,440 of those are on Facebook, out of a total population of 2,868,380.

Trinidad’s Internet users number 593,000, with a high percentage (435,240) of them having a Facebook profile in a population of 1,222,505.

Though Saint Lucia’s population is tiny, 161,557 people, its Internet penetration is a staggering 88.5 %, with 48,300 of those having a Facebook profile.

The other 20 Caribbean countries with a total population of 13,478,167 people show only 2,135,360 using the internet.