Jul 17, 2015

Panmedia has updated and re-launched its popular mobile app, Prips, perhaps the most comprehensive and informative guide to attractions and events that includes Art, Fashion, Food, Live Shows/Music, Parties, Business, Special Events, Sports and Theatre.

The app lets you add events to your digital calendar and prompts you with a reminder. The app is integrated with Google Maps and GPS directions.

May 11, 2015

Most of us do our grocery and other shopping weekends because working hours limit our time for such activities. But we all wish more supermarket and stores would give us more options, like Megart did when it went to 24 hour service. So we are not surprised at the results from our online survey asking Jamaicans if they would like more flexible opening hours from supermarkets and stores.

Do you ever do clothes shopping during the week (Mon-Fri)?
82.5% said Yes, 17.50% said No
Answers for not shoppiong in the week included:

Apr 27, 2015

Several factors determine what goes viral on social media. To increase the chances of your content going viral experts will recommend that you focus on current events and trends, be controversial, make a video, use popular keywords and tags or even start a contest. Also, getting noticed on social media by a celebrity will help your chances.
One of the most prominent of those viral factors is humour.  And even #Potus, the President of the United States of America, knows how to get a laugh on and go viral:

Mar 10, 2015

Jamaicans are very expressive. And the Internet is just another medium to share their many expressions. There are lots of videos showing Jamaican culture in a fun and entertaining way while others mock current affairs issues.

Here are a few of the popular ones:

Lesa Anna & Father How Long - Beauty and the Priest


Feb 25, 2015

The advance of mobile technology has turned the bleak future of the offline retail industry completely on its head. Yes, customers are continuing to shop online, but increasingly they’re using the internet to enhance the offline shopping experience.
The future of shopping isn’t online or off. It’s both.