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Most of us do our grocery and other shopping weekends because working hours limit our time for such activities. But we all wish more supermarket and stores would give us more options, like Megart did when it went to 24 hour service. So we are not surprised at the results from our online survey asking Jamaicans if they would like more flexible opening hours from supermarkets and stores.

Do you ever do clothes shopping during the week (Mon-Fri)? 82.5% said Yes, 17.50% said No   Answers for not shoppiong in the week included:

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The new re-tweet and repost darling of the “UPT” crowd is Rohan Perry.  Yeah! We said so. Cool and calculating, Rohan seems to have edged out Dutty Berry in the Jamaican blogsphere. His short Instagram parodies are now EVERYWHERE! One minute he is making fun of couples in love and the next he is trashing people falling asleep on the bus. We did some research and here is how Rohan matched up against Berry as an InstaCelebrity.

Karim Smith

Word on the Stweet

Perry vs. Berry: Who is the better InstaCeleb?: The new re-tweet and repost darling of the “UPT” crowd i... http://t.co/mXBeURdSnR 17 min ago
Jamaica's Social Media King...Perry or Berry? http://t.co/TIIhlQWyT2 3 hours ago