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  Panmedia has updated and re-launched its popular mobile app, Prips, perhaps the most comprehensive and informative guide to attractions and events that includes Art, Fashion, Food, Live Shows/Music, Parties, Business, Special Events, Sports and Theatre.

The app lets you add events to your digital calendar and prompts you with a reminder. The app is integrated with Google Maps and GPS directions.

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Sereta Thompson

It seems no matter where you go in Jamaica, water shortage is an issue.   How then are Jamaicans managing? Catching rainwater is one solution, but there hasn’t been enough of that either.   Here are a few trends we’ve noticed in this drought period.   1. Recycle, recycle Nowadays, it seems nobody throws out plastic containers anymore. They make great storage for water. 

Sereta Thompson

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The Meteorological Service has issued a Severe Weather Alert effective until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. http://t.co/1bkLJ3KvWr 1 day ago