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The Chik-V Meme Attack   Chikungunya is serious and scary, and has taking down dozens of Jamaicans in the past few weeks. But, Jamaicans tek serious ting mek joke! Out came the songs, and of course, the memes. From Chixkungunya to The chicken gunman, this virus is getting star treatment!

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Sereta Thompson

Jamaica uses roughly 37,066 acres for growing ganja. But all that has done up to now is get the island listed in the State Department’s 2014 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report as the largest Caribbean supplier of marijuana to the United States. With so much weed around, and Olint busted, many want to legalize the herb.

by Sereta Thompson

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4 Good Reasons to Legalize Ganja in Jamaica: Jamaica uses roughly 37,066 acres for growing ganja. But all... http://t.co/CPhONFSeNZ 3 days ago
Thinking of where to dine? Here's a huge list of restaurants to choose from! #Prips http://t.co/jxR5hq6UU6 4 days ago