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The Chik-V Meme Attack   Chikungunya is serious and scary, and has taking down dozens of Jamaicans in the past few weeks. But, Jamaicans tek serious ting mek joke! Out came the songs, and of course, the memes. From Chixkungunya to The chicken gunman, this virus is getting star treatment!

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Tracey Smart

Outside the hustle and bustle of Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay there is the serenity of “Kontri.” Rural parishes of Jamaica are often referred to as “Kontri” because of their lush greenery and rustic feel. Here are the most popular benefits of living in the “Kontri.”

1.     Neighbourliness

“Kontri” tends to have close-knit communities. Everyone in the vicinity is considered a part of your extended family.

 2.     Safer and Cleaner Environment

by Tracey Smart

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